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Spotlight on Magik Theatre: Illuminating "The Lightning Thief" With MEGA-LITE

San Antonio’s Magik Theatre has once again proven itself as a beacon of creativity in the theater world, showcasing its recent production of “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical”. What made this show even more captivating was the ensemble of MEGA-LITE products used to bring Lighting Designer and Programmer, Carlos Nine’s vision to life.


Lighting Supervisor, Thaddeus Morris worked closely with the MEGA team to curate an inviting and captivating look for the audience using a variety of moving heads such as the M-Series, two Framebots, and some Linebot Q480. Other notable products are the Nova-Lite UV200, multiple N-E Pixstrip H216s, an H6 Hazer, and a Mega Node unit to control all lighting products. This production was the first to showcase the revolutionizing Light Pipe series, integrating 15 units into the set.


The Light Pipe promised an easy installation process, which was a perfect fit for this production. This innovative product added a subtle yet strong pop to the structural elements of the set. Its IP-65 rating makes it suitable for both your indoor and outdoor application needs.


With seamless integration into the trussing system, the Light Pipe not only illuminated the performances but also became an integral part of the storytelling, enhancing the ambiance and engaging the audience on a deeper level. “When I first heard about the Light Pipe, I was super excited [about] the cleanliness of its installation”, Morris shared. His excitement for the Light Pipe was evident by adding, “My biggest surprise was the brightness and color saturation of its LEDs.”

Another highlighted fixture is the Linebot Q480 which served as footlights and audience effect lighting, casting dramatic shadows and adding depth to the performance. They worked beautifully with haze, creating an intriguing atmosphere for the guests. The M-Series, which includes the MS1, MW1, and MB1 elevated the room with Morris saying, “The MW1 is not only my most versatile light but its size and weight makes it easy to hang in smaller spaces and awkward [or] high areas where lifting other heavier intelligent lights would be a struggle.”


The MS1 with its precise beams, played the role of creators of textures and tight backlights. This compact unit is equipped with a bright 150W LED. It has versatile uses, this unit features two prisms, a 3-segment animation effect, 6 bi rotational gobos, mechanical focus, and 7 colors + open that allow you to create colorful effects. These fixtures painted emotions with light, using MEGA-LITE’s thoughtfully curated gobos to add depth to the visual landscape.


Drawing inspiration from the success of their partnership with MEGA-LITE, the upcoming show holds the pledge of yet another memorable experience. As the curtain falls on “The Lightning Thief,” a new production, “Carmela Full of Wishes,” waits in the wings, promising more enchantment from October 14-22, to immerse yourself in storytelling and state-of-the-art technology. This partnership is a prime example of how local businesses can come together to enrich the cultural landscape and provide extraordinary experiences for the community.

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