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The MEGA Selfie Museum in Houston

Ellisor, doubling as the programmer, embarked on a journey of creativity as she brought the DECO Recessed Q30s to life. With the help of Sean Conwell and Way Better Sound and Visuals’ owner, Charlie Way, 55 of these fixtures were strategically positioned throughout the space and the studio was transformed into what it is now. The magic, however, was controlled with four of the DECO Driver CV24 units that orchestrated this symphony of light.

In the heart of Houston, Texas, MEGA-LITE transformed a simple dance studio into a captivating world of color and light. Last July [2023], Inner Me Studios became the canvas for a one-of-a-kind experience—the Selfie Museum. Guiding this creative vision was Way Better Sound and Visuals’ Director of Operations, Aerron Ellisor who installed over fifty of MEGA-LITE’s DECO Recessed Q30’s to create a beautiful cubed selfie room that would leave visitors in awe.

When asked about their choice of MEGA-LITE products, Aerron explained, “We have used MEGA-LITE fixtures for years. They are super helpful with repairs and are quick to respond when we request fixtures. We also love that they are located in Texas!” 

The cubed platform, adorned with color-changing lights, was not just a setup—it was a testament to the fusion of technology and imagination, where photographs didn’t just capture moments but dreams as well.

Among the features that stood out, the easy RJ45 connectors of the recessed Q30s were hailed as a stroke of brilliance. With swift and effortless connections, the installation process had been streamlined, leaving more room for creativity to flourish.

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