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MEGA-LITE’s Circa Scoop LED has emerged as a truly versatile and captivating lighting solution, leaving a lasting impression on a wide range of events in Dallas, Texas, where Austin Smith Events is based.


At a company’s fifth-year anniversary celebration, the Circa Scoop LED showcased its dazzling capabilities, enveloping the venue in a vibrant rainbow effect. The swirling colors of the Scoop created an atmosphere of joy and celebration, perfectly complementing the event’s jubilant spirit.


Another memorable occasion that witnessed this unit’s brilliance was a rock and roll-themed 50th birthday party. Here, the lighting solution took center stage with its dynamic bulb and pan light display.


The Scoop’s ability to create energetic and edgy lighting effects added an electrifying touch to the night, making it a memorable experience for all rock and roll enthusiasts in attendance.

Among the features that stood out, the easy RJ45 connectors of the recessed Q30s were hailed as a stroke of brilliance. With swift and effortless connections, the installation process had been streamlined, leaving more room for creativity to flourish.

When asked about their choice of MEGA-LITE products, Aerron explained, “We have used MEGA-LITE fixtures for years. They are super helpful with repairs and are quick to respond when we request fixtures. We also love that they are located in Texas!”

The cubed platform, adorned with color-changing lights, was not just a setup—it was a testament to the fusion of technology and imagination, where photographs didn’t just capture moments but dreams as well.

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