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MEGA-LITE Elevates Control Product Security with Pathway Connectivity Solutions

Keeping their promise, MEGA-LITE proves to keep innovating its control programs by now partnering with Pathway Connectivity Solutions, a leader in DMX distribution and networking products, to enhance control product security. This exciting collaboration integrates Pathway’s new Secure Streaming ACN (ssACN) lighting protocol, which strengthens security measures into MEGA-LITE’s extensive control product portfolio, which includes Lumen8, Enlighten Software, and Disco through the MEMO Core Control (MCC1) for architectural control and the MEGA Console platform.

This validation process guarantees that only legitimate data is used during performances, safeguarding network communication from unauthorized interception or manipulation. As a result, it becomes the ideal choice for applications where security is paramount, particularly in public spaces.

Pathway Connectivity Solutions’ Director of Product Market, Robert Bell expressed the importance of ensuring the safety of productions, “Pathway is leading the way to make sure productions are safe, whether it be from intentional or accidental disturbances, which is something that can happen in large venues and festival gigs. We are very pleased to hear that MEGA-LITE has adopted ssACN to be in line with modern cybersecurity laws and precautions. We will continue to work with ESTA’s Control Protocols Working Group to help build a modern standard which will work for the entire industry.”

The decision to implement ssACN underscores MEGA-LITE’s commitment to strong security measures and proactive compliance with evolving regulatory demands. Winston Potgieter, Lighting Control Developer at MEGA-LITE, emphasized the significance of this integration by stating, “Pathway’s ssACN protocol provides a crucial solution for our control products. The incorporation of this protocol ensures that we meet California’s security law requirements while delivering reliable and secure network communication.”

This collaboration reinforces both parties’ dedication to ensuring that lighting control systems remain resilient against potential threats, offering peace of mind to users in various applications.

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